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Monday, April 4, 2011

Did it for Sachin

By on 11:48 AM

The day before the memorable finals at Mumbai, I wrote an article titled 'Win it for Sachin', where I mentioned just how important this World Cup is for the Indian team and their hero, Sachin Tendulkar.  A day after, what I wrote and wished came true and Sachin and the entire Indian team ruled the world as time stopped for a billion people.

 Here are few quotes from the men in blue on Sachin and winning the World Cup for him.

Virat Kohli the young talented batsman who was involved in a critical partnership with Gambhir in the finals:
He (Sachin) has carried the burden of the nation for 21 years, it was time we carried him.'
Yuvraj Singh in tears after the win:
It is an unbelievable feeling. It has been a great journey. I don't have words to express it. We did it for India and Sachin.
Zaheer Khan, India's leading wicket taker in the tournament:
We are really happy for Sachin. He has done so much for the country.

Gautam Gambhir, the man who made a brilliant 97 in the finals to help India to a grand victory:
It is great win and a dream come true. All credit goes to Sachin Tendulkar. We played for him.

And finally the man himself; Here's Sachin Tendulkar on the win:
I couldn't have asked for anything more than this. Winning the World Cup is the proudest moment of my life. Thanks to my team-mates. Without them, nothing would have happened. I couldn't control my tears of joy. 
Now that's a fairytale ending for Sachin.  He really can't ask for more, can he?  And neither can India.


  1. Actually, he could have asked for more. 100th 100 in the WC final. Now THAT would have been a fairytale ending.

    Signed, a fan of Indian cricket and culture who has been shocked by the triumphalist jingoism and boorish superiority complex that has tainted this win for me.

  2. yes, his team mates did that for him only, he is the God of Cricket and inspirational for his boys.Now will look to concentrate on IPL 2011

  3. @Ravinder,

    Don't think so mate. He said in an interview when asked if he was sad to have missed his 100th ton, he said not one bit. He is more than happy to win the WC!

  4. @Sam,

    Surely! No one else they could have dedicated it to other than Sachin...

    Hope to see the little master score runs in the IPL too...

  5. awsm moments to the indian cricket fans, i wont forget these moments

    Cricket Loverz
    Cicket World
    Rahul Dravid
    Sachin 99 Centuries Pics


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