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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It's All Happening Here at the M Chinnaswamy Stadium ...

By on 5:48 PM

It's Day 4 of the second India v Australia Test match at M Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bangalore. It is the first session. I watch. Sachin Tendulkar gets his double-ton. It is all very much looking like a draw. Tendulkar gets out. Then five Indian wickets fall in rapid succession. Before lunch. Two sessions left in the day's play. All Australia needs to do is go in, bat sensibly with a good run rate to put pressure on India on Day 5 and maybe, maybe be able to force a result. Say a run rate of at least 4 per over; as close to 5 as possible. You know, the way we used to be able to bat. I watch for an hour or so. Then I have to leave. Watson has just got out: judged lbw by, all of all people, Ian Gould: an umpire who has been unable to understand where the stumps are actually located for the entire time Australia bowled. (Judging by his turning down of, for instance, Hilfenhaus, I'm guessing he thought those three wooden sticks located in Siberia.) Australia was 1-58. The run rate was good; decent, anyway.

I return. Australia is now 7-202. The overall run rate is a way-too-low-for-a-win 3.10.

And the only way to describe my feelings is an acronym: WFT?!

To paraphrase Bill Lawry: it's all happening here at the M Chinnaswamy Stadium.

In fact, a TEST is happening there at the M Chinnaswamy Stadium!

PS. Marcus North got out for 3 (SR an amazing 21.42!)


  1. "Judging by his turning down of, for instance, Hilfenhaus, I'm guessing he thought those three wooden sticks located in Siberia."

    Lol... that was a dreadful decision. The umpiring has been below par in this series except for the first 2 days at Mohali. The heat has gotten to the men in the white coats.

    But what a Test match we have on our hands! 2 in a row... At this rate, Twenty20s will start dying...

  2. Yes, well, the next time I hear/read anyone saying anything negative about udders, I shall simply say three little words: Bangalore. Hilfenhaus. Gould. That should suffice to silence even the most vocal and vociferous doubters. Sheesh, Gould was bad.

    But yes, these two Tests have been fab. Except for that North century anyway. I can forgive India for winning, but for gifting North a ton? Never. Never, I tell you. ;)


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