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Monday, October 11, 2010

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

By on 8:49 AM

I was away over the weekend so I missed out on Day 1 and most of Day 2 of the India v Australia Test being played in Bangalore at the moment. I consider my 'missing out' something of a mixed bag.

The Good: I did not have to watch Marcus North score a century.

The Bad: Marcus North scoring a century.

The Ugly: With this century, Marcus North probably salvaged his place in the Australian XI in the upcoming Ashes and possibly beyond it too. My feelings vis-à-vis the Australian XI in its present form can best be described as ambivalent. Vis-à-vis Marcus North, cricketer, my feelings are more straightforward: they are ones of — yes, you've guessed it — dissatisfaction. His batting cannot be described as enjoyable; his fielding prowess is unremarkable and so is his bowling, Lord's Honour Board or not. Maybe I would not take such a dim view of North were he a more reliable run-scorer. But he is not: he has scored 21 runs or less 21 times. And then he miraculously score a century somewhere (he has now scored 5 of them; all outside Australia, I believe) and together with his bowling that has been enough to save his Test spot. Australia ought to be better than that. Marcus North sitting pretty at this point is, to me, an ugly picture.


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