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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Top 5 Cricket Scandals

Cricket though named the 'Gentleman Game' is often tarnished by scandals. In this article I look at the top 5 scandals that rocked cricket.

5.) Underarm Bowling
Australia versus New Zealand and the match was down to the wire with the Kiwis needing six runs to tie the match from the final ball, with only 2 wickets at hand (not that it matters). Greg Chappel, the then Australian captain, ordered the bowler (his brother Trevor) to bowl underarm, rolling the ball along the ground to prevent Brian McKechnie (the New Zealand batsman) hitting a six from the last ball to tie the match. This match was the deciding match of the series. Underarm bowling at that time was within the laws of cricket, but this incident was a spec on the Aussies.

4.) Slap-gate
This was a recent incident that took place in the first edition of the IPL. Indian fast bowler Sreesanth playing for the Punjab franchise found himself as the victim as he was slapped by his own Indian team mate, Harbhajan Singh. Singh was banned from playing anymore games in the first edition. This one of the few times when the players resorted to violence in the gentlemanly game.

3.) Teri Maa Ki
This is another incident involving Harbhajan Singh. During India's tour of Australia in 2006-2007, tensions were running high as India were on the receiving side of bad umpiring and also a lot of sledging and unsportsman like behavior from a few Australian players. During this time Harbhajan Singh lost his cool in the Sydney match and due to the sledging by the players, he called Andrew Symonds, "Teri Maa Ki". (Teri Maa Ki ... is a short form of an invective in Hindi. It is to say some horrible things about one's mother.) The Australian players mistaking the pronunciation thought that Harbhajan called Symonds a Monkey and a official complaint was lodged by them. Eventually, Cricket Australia dropped the case, but this case showed everyone the heights of which competition can reach.

2.) Match Fixing
Hansie Cronje will be remembered not for the good things he brought to South African cricket or his amazing record as a batsman and a captain, but for the match-fixing which cast a shadow over the sport. Hansie Cronje was one of South Africa's finest batsman. Perhaps one of their greatest player ever. Cronje as a batsman and a captain were unbeatable. Under him, South Africa won 21 tests and 99 ODIs from 138 (Win percentage of 71.74%). But on April 7th 2000, his flawless reputation took a nose dive as the Indian police accused him of match fixing. The accusations were true and he was later banned from playing or coaching cricket for life. This incident brought the entire sport under the cloud of match fixing. Later in 2002 Cronje died in a plane crash. Even after all this, he was voted as the eleventh (11th) greatest South African in 2004.

1.) Bodyline
Bodyline or fast leg theory was the brainchild of the English captain Douglas Jardine which was a cricketing tactic used in the 1932–33 Ashes tour of Australia, specifically to combat the extraordinary batting skill of Australia's Don Bradman. The tactic was simple. Wikipedia defines Bodyline as 'A Bodyline delivery was one where the cricket ball was pitched short so as to rise towards the the body of the opposing batsman on the line of the leg stump, in the hope of creating legside deflections that could be caught by one of several fielders in the quadrant of the field behind square leg. This tactic was considered by many to be intimidatory and physically threatening.' The English players were heavily criticized as they steam rolled their opponents by both the Australian and English press. This series eventually needed intervention from the Diplomatic departments of both countries. Bill Woodfull, the Australian skipper showed the world just what the definition of a Gentleman meant. Woodfull led the Australians through this incredibly tough period and even under huge pressure from the public and the media, Woodfull flatly refused to employ retaliatory tactics. He never publicly complained even though he and his men were repeatedly hit and had to see the medics often. Woodfull's famous saying, "There are two teams out there, one is playing cricket. The other is making no attempt to do so." was later repeated by the Kumble, the Indian skipper during the Sydney test.

This is a new series called 5 Straight Points, where I will discuss 5 points on a given topic.
NOTE - The Cricket Quiz will be published soon next week. Sorry for the delay.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

More than Cricket

Gentleman Strauss

Yesterday the English pacers ripped open the Sri Lankan top order leaving it stuttering at 17 for 4, but England seem to lose the plot soon after as Kandamby and Mathews pulled the Lankan lions out of the pit. But when all was going well Kandamby was run out and just after another two overs later, the English claimed their second run-out (Mathews)... but Strauss, declined the wicket that clearly otherwise would have put England in the driving seat.

Cricinfo states the incident as, "Mathews had turned Onions into the leg-side, and set off for an intended two, only to collide with Onions, who had tracked back towards the non-striker's stumps, and with no apparent intent in his actions, was standing right next to Mathews as he turned blind on completing his run."

Really in all right Mathews was clearly run out and as the obstruction was unintentional, there should have been no remorse. But Mathews was visibly unimpressed with the decision, and stood a while before he left the crease, but just before reaching the pavilion, Strauss called him back to the crease. Three balls and one run later, Strauss generosity was repaid, as Mathews nicked one outside off, into Prior's gloves. As he left the crease for the second time, he acknowledged Strauss's sportsmanship with a wave.

Cricket was the winner, and several forests-worth of newsprint were spared. But unfortunately this blogger thought otherwise and started writing this article. Maybe after all cricket still is a 'Gentleman's game'.

India Vs. Pakistan

India take on Pakistan today and any match between the rivals is always more than cricket. The much awaited match at the centurion finally comes and coincides with the writer's birthday. It's the World T20 Champs against the former World Champs and the match looks like a cracker of a contest.

India are coming off a tri-series win in slow-and-low Sri Lanka, and they will need to quickly adjust to livelier pitches in South Africa. But Centurion, has assisted spin and has behaved like a flat track with the ball not really coming on easily. This should make for a smooth transition.
While Pakistan their bowling unit looks almost perfect, as it showed in the win over West Indies, but Batting is the weak link, and they need bigger contributions from senior batsmen. With the skipper back in, the batting has truly been strengthened while India will miss the services of Yuvraj.

Let's just hope all goes well and yet again in this fierce competition, cricket and India come out victorious.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The RCB Fanatic Fans Challenge

RCB is looking for bloggers.

Experience Commerce is a digital agency in Mumbai, that is currently running Club RCB’s Fanatic Fans Challenge. Fans are invited to apply for three positions – Chief Blogger, Chief Photographer and Chief RCB Fan. The winning three will tour Champions League with Club RCB next month and will receive preferred treatment at RCB matches! All expenses (travel, accommodation, incidentals) will be covered.

It’s a great opportunity for hardcore fans to meet the team up close and personal, and for budding sports bloggers, photographers, commentators etc. to get hands on experience and mass exposure!

You can apply online at the official RCB site – The deadline is September 27th.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Good fielding and it's rewards

On 29th May 2009 a pigeon learnt just what is meant by accurate fielding and probably would have wished to be flying over Indian or Pakistan air space after that day.

Jacques Rudolph fields and returns the ball in the Yorkshire vs. Lancashire Twenty20 match and takes out a pigeon with the accuracy of an laser guided patriot missile. Surely this throw is something even the great Jonty Rhodes would be proud and jealous of.

Rumours that Jacques marked up a crossed out pigeon icon on his locker after the match remain unfounded. I wonder what Jacques did with the bird.

Surely now all pigeons know the rewards of good fielding.

Thank you Brandon for showing me the video.

Note - This will be last post for a while. I am going to write my exams so I'll be back only after 2 weeks.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Cricket Quiz - 5

The cricket Quiz will be posted every Friday and the answers to the quiz must be sent to me via email ( on or before Wednesday. Therefore the last day for this quiz is 23rd of September. Please write in the subject cricket quiz.

The answers will be published every Friday with another set of questions along with the winners of previous quiz. Answers to Cricket Quiz - 4. Please note the next quiz will be published only on the 25th.

1.) Name the first bowler to take 600 test wickets.
Shane Warne

2.) Which two batsman share the most ODI century opening partnership?
Sachin Tendulkar and Sourav Ganguly

3.) Which ground hosted the first ever international test match?
Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) Australia vs. England in 1877.

4.) In 2004 which batsman set a World Record with 497 test runs between dismissals?
Sachin Tendulkar. He scored 241*, 60*, 194* and 2. And Yes I am a huge fan of Tendulkar.

5.) Name this bowler,[HINT - He played for Northamptonshire].
Frank Tyson.

The Winner(s) of the Quiz are, Deepak Balamurali, and Chirag Joshi
- Congrats.

This weeks questions are,
1.) Which legendary Indian spinner has the figures 12-8-6-1 (read as overs-maidens-runs conceded- wickets) against East Africa in 1975 World Cup?

2.) Which Australian captain was nicknamed 'Captain Grumpy'?

3.) In which city is the Gaddafi Stadium located?

4.) Which year was the Wisden Cricketer's Almanac first published?

5.) Name this famous English batsman [In the Picyure] . [HINT - He played for Surrey]

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Back in Business?

Close to a year after retiring from international cricket, former Indian skipper Sourav Ganguly has said that he may play for Bengal in the upcoming Ranji Trophy season.

It was reported earlier that Ganguly would be playing for Bengal only in the Vijay Hazare Trophy to gain some match practice before turning out for Kolkata Knight Riders in the IPL next year. However, he said he was keen on playing the home games during the Ranji season and the knock-out matches later, if Bengal qualified. He said, "At the moment I haven't spoken to anybody, but I'll definitely be speaking to the selectors, and if I'm required, then I won't mind playing a few matches." So we might see Dadagiri back in action again this season.

Ganguly cited his reasons as the IPL and said
"I cannot sit out 11 months in a year and hope to fire in the IPL. It may be Twenty20 cricket, but let's not forget that it's a top-class international tournament and the standard of cricket is very high. I need to get into the groove before IPL 3 starts in March 2010." Now Ranji trophy has turned out to be match practices before IPL, but who cares, when stars play in it.

Bengal having a very fragile batting lineup would be happy to welcome Ganguly back. Bengal captain Laxmi Ratan Shukla and selector Devang Gandhi were both delighted at the news. With Bengal in the group of death with Uttar Pradesh, Saurashtra, Karnakata, Maharashtra, Baroda and Delhi, Ganguly's presence in the dressing room will surely help Bengal who are being bolstered by the likes former ICL players like Deep Dasgupta, Abhishek Jhunjhunwala and Rohan Gavaskar.

Surely the quality of cricket with international stars would increase and considering Ganguly's vast experience, the youngsters would surely be enriched by sharing the dressing room with him.

Surely if Ganguly joins, Bengal would a team worth while to watch out for. I dearly hope to see the Bengal tiger roar again.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

All eyes on Dravid

All eyes are on Dravid as India prepare to to take on the Kiwis this Friday. Dravid recalled back into the team after the young members of the Indian team failed miserably against the rising deliveries, will be looking to stamp his authority once again.

It is so good to see Dravid back wearing blues. I really can't wait to see 'The Wall' walk in at 'one down' and play some outstanding cricket.

Dravid's presence in the team will be of a huge morale boost and will be a great model for the youngsters to follow. The younger brigade have a first class chance to learn from the master at close quarters. With Dravid's perfect technique, his work ethics and batsman ship, the former Indian captain would be the perfect teacher. Dravid is perhaps the most astute of thinkers the game has ever produced. And who else can the youngsters learn how to cope with the shorter delivery than from Dravid. Dravid is one of the best players of the shorter balls and his technique is so perfect when it comes to playing of the back foot. I just pray Suresh Raina learns how to play the short ball.

India would be playing after a long time of rest and would be keen to start on a winning not. But India are on a back foot as they are facing the Kiwis who are well adopted to the conditions in Sri Lanka by now. The Indians who always take quite some time to settle down, must now hit the ground running. And with the absence on Sehwag and Zaheer, the Indians find themselves further trying to put up a perfect combination for the playing 11. But the Compaq series will surely be great warm up before the Champions Trophy.

India under Dhoni would be looking for the number one spot and if they win the series by winning all three matches, that dream becomes reality.

So good luck Dravid, Good luck Dhoni, And good luck India.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Rest in Peace Amy.....

Amy S. of the blog 'Amy S Talks cricket' passed away in a car accident. It came to light only a few days ago when one of her friends put up an article on her blog,describing what happened.

I'll surely miss her funny and thought provoking articles. Her Australian way of looking at cricket was amazing and when she took a dig at the English or the Proteas, she made sure all would laugh....

Thank You Amy; It was a privilege knowing you.
Your genius will be missed greatly.

Rest in Peace

Monday, September 7, 2009

Ponting retires from Twenty20 internationals

When I logged on to cricinfo, I was in for a suprise. I saw the title, 'Ponting retires from Twenty20 internationals' and started to wonder.

Australia who have a woeful T20 record have now lost their most prolific batsman. Ricky Ponting said, "After much thought and careful consideration I have advised Cricket Australia of my decision to retire from international Twenty20 cricket. I have also spoken to [chairman of selectors] Andrew Hilditch, [coach] Tim Nielsen and [vice-captain] Michael Clarke and I feel this decision provides me the opportunity to prolong my Australian Test and one-day career, an opportunity I am extremely determined about." Ponting who was the captain of Australia when Australia lost to Zimbawae in 2007 and also when Australia crashed out of the T20 WC this year, often found himself being criticized by many on his role in the shorter format of the game.

"As I said after the fifth Test in London, I am hoping to continue playing Test cricket for as long as possible and retiring from the Twenty20 format gives me the best chance of doing this. I will now have set periods of rest throughout the Australian summer and while touring which I feel will be very beneficial." Maybe, all this is for the best, and the best of ODI's and test cricket.

Ponting's heir Micheal Clarke is all tipped to take over the reigns of the team, and it would be quite interesting seeing how he tries to turn the Aussie's dismal record in T20s.

Ponting in 22 matches has scored 460 runs at an average of 24.21 with 98* as his highest score. Apart from his 98*, Ponting's performances in T20 are none worth while to mention. But the good news is that he will be still playing in the IPL and also in the KFC big bash.

'Farewell Ponting' and 'Good Luck Clarke - Cause you'll definitely need it.'

Emerging Player of the Year

International Cricket Council (ICC) has announced the names of players for Annual Awards 2009. I take a look at the top choices for the emerging player of the year.

Martin Guptill (NZ)
The young New Zealand batsman is not short of talent and has huge potential to become one of the stars of the New Zealand line up. Guptill has contributed to his teams by scoring runs in all forms of the game and is an idle candidate for the award.
Ben Hilfenhaus (Aus)
Ben has been a major clog of the Australian team that won the test series in South Africa. With his medium fast pace and his nagging off-stump line he tests the patience of even the best of batsman. Surely he is another favorite.

Phil Hughes (Aus)
The Australian opener who started his career with a bang has failed to live up to early expectations and now fails to find a spot in the Australian squad.
Amit Mishra (Ind)
The young leggie is looked upon as Kumble's replacement but Mishra has still not cemented his place in the test team and does not feature in the shorter formats. Surely he will be an unlikely option for the award.
Graham Onions (Eng)
The English pace bowler has impressed many and looks that along with Jimmy and Broad would be an amazing combination. But still it is early days and therefore Onions takes a backseat.
Kemar Roach (WI)
Part of the second string team put by the WICB to face Bangladesh, Roach has picked up 14 wickets in 2 matches. But having only played 2 matches and performing against a second class test team such as Bangladesh finds him on the wrong foot

.Jesse Ryder (NZ)
A huge man and arguably Kiwi's best batsman currently is almost certain to be the winner. Having performed well against India in New Zealand where he scored a double century, Ryder looks like the favorite.
Peter Siddle (Aus)
Siddle has impressed one and all and has made the South Africans and the English dance to his tune with his short pitched deliveries. This lethal pacer is another favorite and one of the few new stars in the Australian team.
My picks are,
Martin Guptill, Jesse Ryder, Peter Siddle.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

ODI Player of the Year

International Cricket Council (ICC) has announced the names of players for Annual Awards 2009. I take a look at the top choices for the ODI Player of the Year.
Shivnarine Chanderpaul (WI)
The main stray of the Windies middle order has accumulated runs over the last 12 months, but as the West Indies players have not been playing any matches for their country over the contract issue with the WICB, Chanderpaul seems an unlikely choice.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni (Ind)
The captain of the Indian cricket team is perhaps the most consistent international batsman in the last two years. Ever since being made the skipper, Dhoni has transformed his game from the high flowing window-breaking, six-hitting young boy from Ranchi to a mature player with subtle touches and nudges. Dhoni is a hot favorite for the award and i wont be surprised if the ICC decides to give him the prize.
Andrew Flintoff (Eng)
The English all rounder has had some fiery spells in the last 12 months but has been largely inconsistent. He did take a hat-trick against the Windies but his performances hampered by injury fail to impress.
Chris Gayle (WI)
The big opener from the Caribbean is another batsman who has found himself among runs in the last year. But he has not played for his team since the contract dispute with the WICB and that may affect his selection.
Umar Gul (Pak)
The lone Pakistani in the long list fails to impress. Gul did have a good outing against the Australians, but has been largely inconsistent. Gul would be far short.
Martin Guptill (NZ)
The young New Zealand batsman is filled with immense talent and has the potential to become a world class batsman. But I feel that his day is yet to come.
Michael Hussey (Aus)
Micheal Hussey has had a very trying time the last year as his performances have vastly declined and his critics multiply in numbers unknown. With many asking for Hussey's head, he seems like a very unlikely candidate.

Nuwan Kulasekara (SL)
The young bowler from the Emerald Isles has taken the role as spear head of the Sri Lanakan team and is the idle replacement for Vass. Though he is young, and may not be the fastest, he is a thinking bowler who can make the ball shape both ways. It is no wonder he is number one in the bowlers ratings.
Ajantha Mendis (SL)
The spin sensation from Lanka, has failed to live upto his performances early on when he just came into the International arena. With more batsman now able to read him, Mendis remains a threat only in home turf. In my opinion, Mendis is another unlikely candidate.
Muttiah Muralidaran (SL)
Muralidaran is a world class bowler beyond doubt and probably the best ever. But recently his performances are declining and are not up to the high standards he sets for himself. Murali has missed many matches this year due to a groin problem and is a doubtful case.

Yuvraj Singh (Ind)
The swashbuckling south paw is perhaps one of the world's most destructive batsman. His exploits against England and Sri Lanka last year puts him as a hot favorite. The south paw is sure give a headache for the selectors.
Virender Sehwag (Ind)
Another Indian in the list, the explosive opener has been among runs contributing largely to India's success. But with other big names, I feel Sehwag falls short.
Thilan Thushara (SL)
Thushara alias Mirando has been picking up wickets steadily but I just don't see any reason to hand him the award. For me Thushara being nominated itself is grace.

My picks are,
Yuvraj Singh, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, and Nuwan Kulasekara.

Test Player of the Year

International Cricket Council (ICC) has announced the names of players for Annual Awards 2009. I take a look at the top choices for the Test Player of the Year.

Stuart Broad (Eng)
One of English top performer and has rightfully been named in this list. With his bowling and his batting greatly improved this year, Broad seems to be top contender.

Michael Clarke (Aus)
Clarke like Broad has been performing well this year. He has been almost carried Australia on his entire back this Ashes. Still i doubt whether his time has arrived.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni (Ind)
The captain of India has been in sublime form and in midst of runs but with India playing very few tests in the last 12 months, his contributions are few compared to others.
Tillakaratne Dilshan (SL)
The man who everyone is talking about is surely my pick as one of the front runner. Dilshan has finally come of age and has been scoring runs so quickly in tests as if he he was batting in T20 matches. The aggressive Lankan batsman with the 'starfish' could be the man to walk away with the award.

Gautam Gambhir (Ind)
Gambhir has amassed runs against every team India has played in the last 12 months and has proven himself as a world class opener. Till recently he held the number one spot for test matches and is another top contender.

Shakib Al Hasan (Ban)
The Bangladeshi skipper has lead his team to their first overseas test victory and has lead from the front with both the ball and bat. He is definitely my pick for the award.
Mitchell Johnson (Aus)
One of the very few Australians found nominated, did well until the Ashes where he struggled dearly.

VVS Laxman (Ind)
Laxman has also been among runs but with other players he seems highly unlikely to get the award.

Jesse Ryder (NZ)
Ryder is New Zealand's bes batsman currently but he like Laxman is unlikely to be chosen.

Thilan Samaraweera (SL)
Samaraweera is another Sri Lankan batsman who has amassed so many runs in the last 12 months that he is a top contender. One of Sri Lanka's main batsman mind be in for a surprise.

Ramnaresh Sarwan (WI)
It seems unlikely that a West Indian would be selected for the award as major West Indies haven't been playing for their team for the last 6 months due to the dispute with the WICB.

Peter Siddle (Aus)
The last of the three Australians featured in the list has been among wickets but is very inconsistent. The young tall pace bowler still has a long way to go.

Harbhajan Singh (Ind)
Having taken over from Kumble, Harbhajan remains India's spin spearhead in test and has been contributing greatly to India's success. Harbhajan falls short as India have played only a handful matches in the last 12 months.

Graeme Smith (SA)
The Protean captain led from the front and plotted the Aussie downfall in their own back yard earlier this year. The leader of the current world number 1 team is sure to be a huge contender for the award.
Dale Steyn (SA)
The Protean spear head is fast, furious, accurate and most of all deadly. With plenty of scalps in the last 12 months, Steyn is one of the many reasons South Africa sit pretty on top of the rankings as number one. Surely Dale Steyn is another option.

Andrew Strauss (Eng)
The man who England seems to worship at the moment is probably one of the hottest choice for the award. The man who has won back the Ashes by leading from the front is a favorite candidate. Strauss has been sublime form scoring runs for England and being their top scorer in the past 12 months.
Graeme Swann (Eng)
The English spinner who has replaced Monty, and looks well like Giles perfect replacement has contributed greatly for his team. With many wickets all over the world and also with handy contributions with the bat down the order, Swann might be the dark horse.

Daniel Vettori (NZ)
The only Kiwi featured in the list is none other than the skipper himself. New Zealand, a team that often lacks world class stars, Vettori has been a revelation and has looks as Fleming's perfect successor.
AB de Villiers (SA)
The young star of South Africa is one of the world's greatest at the moment and has been a vital clog in the Protea's march to number one. His knocks in Australia are sheer class and Ponting probably still has nightmares about them. A.B. is another hot choice.
My picks are,
Andrew Strauss, Daniel Vettori, Graeme Smith, Thilan Samaraweera, Shakib Al Hasan, Tillakaratne Dilshan, A.B. de Villiers and Gautum Gambhir.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

The McCullum Brothers Show

Yesterday was a day when New Zealand dominated the proceedings from ball one and rightfully won the match. The match was beautifully set up thanks to Brendon McCullum and Jesse Ryder. Both batsman totally out of form in the tests suddenly came to the party much to the despair for the Sri Lankans.

Jesse Ryder and Brendon McCullum dispatched the Sri Lankans bowlers at will scoring 52 and 49 respectively. Both showed courage and muscle during an 84-run opening stand in 62 deliveries blasting 5 sixes between themselves. Thanks to a cameo by Guptill, the Kiwis reached 170 runs setting a highly competitive target for the Sri Lankans.

Sri Lanka got of to the worst possible start as they lost star batsman, Dilshan in the very first over. Sri Lanka were pegged back to 11 for 3 in just the fourth over, thanks Shane Bond and Kyle Mills. This would definitely be a match [scorecard] that they would like to forget.

Sri Lanka fought back well under their finest stroke makers, Jayawardene and skipper Sangakara. But their fifty run partnership was brought to the ground just when it was taking of by Nathan McCullum. Nathan McCullum picked up two wickets while come back man, Shane Bond bowled a fiery spell getting 3 for 18.

Sri Lanka if they are to be a world class team need to work on their fielding. Their fielding was below par yesterday with many misfields while the Kiwis seldom gave a single easily.

Sri Lanka have a lot of work to do on their middle order batting ahead of the tri-series with India and New Zealand. New Zealand have regrouped well after the test defeats and would be formidable opponents in the upcoming series. With Brendon McCullum and Jesse Ryder finding form, their batting looks strong and with Bond back, the Kiwi pace battery looks really lethal.
Surely New Zealand deserved to win the series. Under Vettori the New Zealanders just might emerge as the dark horse in South Africa in the Champions Trophy later this month.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Cricket Quiz - 4

The cricket Quiz will be posted every Friday and the answers to the quiz must be sent to me via email ( on or before Wednesday. Therefore the last day for this quiz is 9th of September. Please write in the subject cricket quiz.

The answers will be published every Friday with another set of questions along with the winners of previous quiz.
Answers to Cricket Quiz - 3.

1.) Against which team did Sehwag make his debut as captain in tests?
Sri Lanka at Ahmedabad in 2005 -2006

2.) Who made a score of fifty or more (50+ runs) in nine consecutive ODI's for Pakistan?
Javed Miandad - 1987

3.) Which player has the magical match figures 19-90 (19 wickets for 90 runs)?
Jim Laker of England in 1956 at Manchester against Australia.

4.) Name the bowler who took a hat-trick against Kenya in the 2003 World Cup?
Brett Lee

5.) Name this bowler [In the Picture].
Sir Richard John Hadlee

The Winner(s) of the Quiz are, Deepak Balamurali, and Kirby Meehan.
- Congrats.

This weeks questions are,

1.) Name the first bowler to take 600 test wickets.

2.) Which two batsman share the most ODI century opening partnership?

3.) Which ground hosted the first ever international test match?

4.) In 2004 which batsman set a World Record with 497 test runs between dismissals?

5.) Name this bowler,[HINT - He played for Northamptonshire].

Poshin's World Cricket Quiz Score Board,
1.) Deepak Balamurali - 3 Points
2.) Kirby Meehan - 2 Points
3.) Armaan Ahmed, Stephen and Vikas Yadav - 1 Point

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Oram's Hat-Trick Exorcises Dilshan's Demonic Assault

Sri Lanka once again have proved that their batting only is made of the top four batsman (Dilshan, Sangakara, Jayasuria, and Jayawardnae). Yesterday, chasing a modest target of 142 runs, the Lankan lions fell short by 3 runs, despite a breathtaking blitzkrieg by opener Tillakaratne Dilshan who scored 57 runs from just 28 balls.

Dilshan has been a revelation for Lanka, and with his wide range of shots is a nightmare to any bowler. I just wonder how long it took him to master the scoop over the keeper known as the 'Starfish'. Surely his wife as his coach seems to working. Dilshan always follows whatever shots she tell him to play and what shots to ignore. Pure genius is what I can say of Dilshan. Nothing else can describe him.

Earlier in the evening, the Sri Lankan bowlers called all the shots and only with a valiant stand by Ross Taylor who scored 60 of 45 balls got the Kiwis to 141. Ross Taylor alone resisted the Sri Lankan assault comprising of Malinga, Kulasekera, Mendis and Malinga Bandara.

The Sri Lankans got off to a flying start thanks to Dilshan. Dilshan started from where he had left of at England and massacred the Kiwi bowlers. Bond was in for a surprise welcome as his first over returning to international cricket was smashed for 16 runs by Dilshan. Still it was great to see Bond back. But soon after Dilshan's exit, Lanka collapsed like a pack of cards to hand over a victory to the visitors that easily should have been theirs.

Angelo Mathews seems like the best player Sri Lanka has produced in the last four years. With his all round capabilities, he is sure to be star in an format and more specially in T20's. Seeing his reactions after he got out caught and bowled (amazing catch by Oram), you would have thought that the sky fell. He was so distraught at not being at the end when his team needed him the most. His throwing of his helmet and his blade down in disgust may raise eyes about his temper but it also shows the commitment and his love towards the game.

The other star of the the day was Jacob Oram. Jacob Oram became the only second person to get a hat trick in a T20 international and his crucial wicket on Angelo Mathews handed his team the match.

Surely, this scorecard [link] proves the missing link in the Sri Lankan batting with no good middle order batsman. After the top four apart from Mathews, I can't seem to see anyone contributing runs. I just wonder why Samaraweera doesn't play the shorter version of the game.

The New Zealand players have yet again proved that the 'whole is larger than the parts'.

The men from the Emerald Isles have alot on their plate to think about before friday's match. I just hope to catch another one of Dilshan's outstanding performance.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sunny Side of the Manchester Washout.

Australia didn't win the match.

And England didn't lose the match.

We didn't see Ravi Bopara get out.

Old Trafford proved once again that it is indeed Old Trafford.