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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bravery Under Fire

This is an article that I have just read and thought I'd share it.

You can view the article by clicking on the picture of the hero who risked his life for others. Yes, Stuart Broad's dad Chris Broad.

What The Hell Happened In Pakistan??????

I know I'm not supposed to blog, but I just had to.

I just have ONE question to ask,
What The Hell Happened In Pakistan??????
When I went to school in the evening to write my exams, I was in for a suprise. One of my friend runs upto me and says, "Half the Sri Lankan team is shot at by terrorist". To which I replied "don't pull my leg". But after talking to a few others I knew it was true. What an incident to happen and to cricket. After that I remember running home, telling my mom the news and typing this after searching the net for the news and videos.

What a shame for Pakistan!!!!

I hope nothing serious happens to the players and I pray nothing serious happened or happens to the players. My prayers are with players, the security officials who were shot at, and their families. My prayers are with you Sri Lanka.
I hope nothing like this happens again.

God Save Cricket.